School Philosophy


Lyneham-A Vibrant Learning Community


What do we know?

What do we need to know?

Will we make decisions based on the best available research?/How do we ensure we do?

Philosophical Base (Beliefs & Values)

What do we believe?

What do we value?

Will we make decisions based on the best available research?

· Relationships are respectful-respect for self, each other and environment/property

· Child-centred learning-”Whole Child”

· Everyone Matters, Every Child, every day

· Working collaboratively

· Risk taking & resilience-growth mindset

· Role models-staff as life-long learners, reciprocal teaching/learning

· Social Justice

Psychological Base

Why do people behave the way they do?

Is what we are doing psychologically nurturing for everyone?

· Whole child; giving children what they need to be successful at school

· Safe place– creating alternate spaces & activities

· Respectful Relationships-Friendly Schools Plus

· Conferencing, class agreements-restorative language

· Playground philosophy of “play”, supportive

· Relevant and purposeful professional learning

What do we want for our students?  What do our students need to know & do for their future?

· Communication skills

· Critical thinkers, life-long learners, problem-solvers, creative, responsible digital citizens

· Social and emotional resilience/skills

· Own identity, trust, inclusive, value other cultures

· Health-mental, physical well-being

· Opportunities to succeed

· Sense of community & belonging