2022 Enrolments Opens on 27th April 2021

2022 Enrolments Opens on 27th April 2021

Enrolment processes for all ACT government schools

There is a streamlined process for enrolments for ALL government schools, from preschool to year 12.  Enrolment forms are to be completed online (if support/access is required, we can help).  Applications for 2022 opens on Tuesday 27th April.   Schools look at enrolment applications and accept enrolments based on criteria outlined in the Directorate policy. Our Priority Enrolment Area includes the suburbs of Lyneham, North Lyneham, Downer and O’Connor (north of Macarthur Avenue).  Thus, I ask all current Lyneham families to help us with spreading the word to inform prospective families for 2022 of these processes and to contact the front office should they require any clarification.  Our existing preschool families at Lyneham Preschool do not have to re-enrol for Kindergarten at Lyneham Primary IF you live in our PEA.

Students attending our preschools in our shared zone of the suburb of Downer AND those living outside our Priority Enrolment Area will have to enrol for Kindergarten 2022. Please check with us if you are unsure what to do. Students are guaranteed a Kindergarten place at their PEA school.

Categories of Schools

The Education Directorate divides schools into two categories so that families can more easily see if the school of their choice is readily able to accept enrolments from out of the school’s area.

Lyneham is a Category A school. This means we are generally not able to accept students from out of our PEA primarily due to our capacity for students both now and in the near future.

View the list of Category A Schools.

Please use this link for more information and for enrolment. All year 6 families should be looking to their high schools for ongoing information for 2022.    https://www.education.act.gov.au/public-school-life/enrolling-in-a-public-school