Assessment & Reporting

Teachers, Students and Parents/Carers work in partnership in the assessment and reporting cycle.

  • Term 1 - Comprehensive Information letters and Parent to teacher 'Getting to Know You' interviews (Preschool - Year 6)
  • Term 2 - Mid-year written school report (Preschool - Year 6), A-E Report (Year 1- Year 6) and Parent-Teacher Interviews
  • Term 3 - Learning Journey (Kindergarten - Year 6)
  • Term 4 - End of year written school report (Preschool - Year 6), A-E report (Year 1- Year 6) and Portfolio (Preschool - Year 6)
  • Feedback, reflection and goal setting are a focus of Portfolios, Learning Journeys and Interviews.
  • Performance Indicators in Primary Schools [PIPS] assessments for Kindergarten children are completed in February and again in October/November. Results of these assessments are distributed to families.
  • Year 3 & 5 - National Assessments in Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) are conducted in May of each year. A report to the child's family is then distributed.

Productive partnerships are valued by the school community. At any time of the year, Parents/Carers are welcome to make an appointment with the classroom teacher to discuss their child's progress.