After School K-6 Routines

Staff at Lyneham Primary provide after school supervision for children (Kindergarten to Year 6) catching buses, in the shaded grassed area adjacent to the Brigalow Street entrance to the school.

We request that families collect Preschool and Kindergarten children from their classroom areas and the Kindergarten courtyard. Year 1 and 2 children can also be collected from the courtyard area between the gymnasium and staffroom, and on the junior playground, depending on which class children are in. Children from Year 3 to 6 are supervised to a nearby exit door and then farewelled by their classroom teacher. Children who are catching buses go directly to the bus waiting area. Any child still on school grounds by 3.10pm waits for collection by their adults in the supervised bus waiting area.

We request that children sit quietly when waiting for adults in the afternoons. We request that all children promptly leave the school grounds in the afternoons.  Students attending After School Care independently make their way to 'Afters', except children in Kindergarten, who are collected by After School Care staff members each afternoon.