School Philosophy


At Lyneham Primary School we are welcoming, open and caring. We value our partnerships with the broader community to improve student outcomes. Because we believe in respectful relationships, the social justice principles of equity and fairness underpin our work with all students, staff and families. We encourage our students to seek to understand and value the perspectives of others.  Lyneham Primary School strives to promote a culture of high expectations for our students’ academic success.


Our school environment encourages curiosity, collaboration, critical and creative thinking. By 2022 our students and teachers will be working together, students and teachers questioning and noticing, and students and teachers displaying a sense of wonder. In 2022 you will see shared beliefs and consistent teaching and learning practices based on current research and data. You will consistently see students given the time to talk, to share and clarify ideas and provide feedback. Students will participate in purposeful and authentic writing and reading opportunities using quality literature.

Students will be engaged in open ended, purposeful and authentic maths opportunities, consistently using a shared language of Maths.

Lyneham will continue to be a place where students love to learn, where there is a strong culture of purposeful and creative learning and where students, staff and families are happy and engaged as a vibrant learning community.