Overview of our shared understandings

Teachers at Lyneham Primary School are committed to differentiating the curriculum by making modifications to the curriculum, teaching structures, and teaching practices to ensure that instruction is scaffolded, relevant, flexible and responsive. At all times teachers 'gear up' and 'gear down' which refers to teaching that is adapted to take into account the individual differences and needs of students in any one classroom without placing at risk the academic quality. Teachers have high expectations of students and demonstrate that one response does not fit all children - so that all children can have equity of access to the curriculum. Our differentiated curriculum programs at Lyneham Primary School reflect the nexus of assessment, pedagogy and curriculum. Units are built to develop deep knowledge - so some outcomes will be emphasised more than others. Report outcomes are determined at the commencement of a unit of work. It is clear to students and teachers what it is students are working towards. Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment are inextricably linked.