Our History

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Historical collection itemsStudents enjoy playing on the school equipment in 19601960 class photo of Joanna CruickshankPlay on StageBike Riding to SchoolExcursion to Captain Cooks Fountain 70'sAward from the rostrum late 60s or early 70sStudents crossing Brigalow St as they walk to school – 1960sLyneham Primary School in the early 70sFront of Lyneham Primary, 80s or 90sFront of Lyneham Primary, 20091959 1J Mrs James' class1961 3F Mr Ferguson's class1962 4A Mr Harvie's class1963 5A Mr Fowler's class1963 5B Mr Ferguson's class1964 6A Mr Milson's class1964 boys softball team1964 School BandRecorder band marching, late 60sSchool Band, early 90sSchool ImmunisationSwimming DayFront of the School with ChildrenAn early photograph of the school – 1959The school building process nears completion – 1958Lyneham Primary School students in their classroom – 1960sLyneham Primary School in the snow – 1960sThe school carpark underwater – 1970s

Lyneham Primary est. 1959

1960's and 1970's!

"If it is necessary to punish a child, he is always asked prior to this whether he understands the rules, and the reasons for them, and children are often given quite a number of warnings before any punishment is given. Very rarely is corporal punishment used, and it is only ever used after a thorough investigation into the case and only when misbehavior recurs. The only two things generally punished in this way are fighting and throwing stones. When corporal punishment is administered, this is carried out by either the principal or assistant principals".