School Board

The Lyneham Primary School Board consists of the Principal of the school, a person appointed by the Chief Executive of the Education Directorate, two school staff members, three parent members elected by the parents and a Board Secretary.

2022 School Board

Merryn O'Dea - Principal

Tiffany Karlsson - Parent Representative and Board Chair

Karlene Dickens Parent Representative

Mia Swainson - Parent Representative

Vicki Favelle and Kerrie-Anne Grant - Staff Representatives

Vacant - Appointed Representative

Sara Henderson - Board Secretary

The functions of the school board of a government school are:

  • To establish strategic direction and priorities for the school; and
  • To monitor and review school performance and to report on it to the chief executive, parents of students at the school and staff; and
  • To develop, maintain and review curriculum for the school; and
  • To develop and review education policies at the school; and
  • To establish budgetary policies for the school and approve the school budget; and
  • To establish policies for the efficient and effective use of school assets and the management of financial risk; and
  • To develop relationships between the school and the community and between the school and community organisations; and
  • To make recommendations to the chief executive on issues affecting the school; and
  • To encourage parent participation in their children's learning; and
  • To exercise any other function given to the board under this Act or any other Territory law.